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Check the top 11 Resources for Learning SEO Online

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You must have heard about a term called SEO either in the business communities or friend circles. But, before we go ahead with it, it is important to understand, what is SEO? In a simple way, SEO can be expanded as Search Engine Optimization. It is the best practice that enhances the quality and quantity of traffic to your website through the search results on local search engines. Let’s check, how can you learn it online through the top 11 resources?

1. Google’s Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide
Google holds the top position in the Alexa Rank and leaves no doubt that it offers one of the most methodical ways of guiding to SEO. It gives an elaborate guideline regarding the best practices that will help your site rank high. It also gives an overview of presenting your site in different formats to increase traffic.

2. MOZ’s Beginner’s Guide to SEO
It can be considered the most active online marketing society that gives a proper guideline that helps your website rank higher. It was the first website where the beginner’s guide was easily available.

3. Search Engine Land’s Guide To SEO
Danny Sullivan, the most recognized figure in the world of SEO is the founder of Search Engine Land. He makes sure the SEO guide & Periodic Table of SEO success factors are updated. Apart from this the latest information about the contacts and networking experiences to improvise the SEO are also available.

4. Google Webmaster YouTube Channel
YouTube channel is one of the most trusted forums that give the perfect information about the SEO. Various videos and information are available that improves the rank of yoursite in the search engine.

5. Backlinko Blog & Youtube Channel
It emphasizes on the organic SEO tips &videos that make you understand the SEO in a better way, which contributes to the enhanced traffic.

6. Official Google Webmaster Central Blog
It is a blog that is jammed with official Google news, tips and announcements that helps connect with the Google searchers.

7. SERoundtable
It is a fantastic community that discusses the topics, which cover the stories of the premier search engines. It is one of the most recommended sites in news articles as well.

8. Moz Blog
The inbound marketing and the blogs of this resource offer tips and tricks that improvise the website traffics, which increase its rank in a remarkable way.

9. Search Engine Journal
It gives you a clear concept of the marketing strategies and basic knowledge to increase the ranking of your site with the latest news, best guides, and how-tos.

10. Marketing Land
Along with the latest digital marketing news, it provides the step-by-step guideline to understand the entireaspect of the digital marketing industry.

11. Neil Patel’s Blog
He has been creating a buzz in the field of SEO for quite sometime. His strategies help you achieve a remarkable traffic without spending a penny on ads.

The above-mentioned resources provide the ultimate SEO knowledge, which boosts your business in a great way.


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