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Pros & Cons of Using Magento as Your E-commerce Platform

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Whether you are planning to roll out a new online store or already have one as your core business, Magento is one of the best ecommerce platform to have work for you. It is for sure the first preference of the companies offering ecommerce website development services. With a total market share of 29.1% (as per a research), Magento is clearly dominating other ecommerce platforms like Shopify, Prestashop and many others. Why most Magento website development companies opt for this wonderful platform? There are more reasons than you can think of. Let’s look at the pros –


Open Source Platform
For those who are just starting and those who wish to explore, Magento is the best ecommerce platform available that uses open source and programming. The good news is that the community edition of Magento is available for free. Loaded with all the necessary features, for starters, it’s nothing less than a sweet delight. And to top it up, it is backed by community support of veteran Magento developers who have made their instrumental contributions through development of new extensions and offering their support to the users.

Feature Rich Platform
Magento website development turns out to be more lucrative option because of its rich features too. Unlike other platforms, Magento ecommerce platform is packed with great functionality and features. Some of these features include multi language, multi store functionality and multi-currency support. The platform is also search engine friendly and has designs that are mobile compatible.

User Friendly Admin Panel
This is of course the best treat your website admin can get. Who would want to manage a backend which is too complex?! This is also one of the reasons why an ecommerce development company would pick Magento over other platforms – user friendly admin panel loaded with easy to use features offers great experience to the admin and make it all easy.

Scalable & Customizable Platform
Being an open source platform, Magento is a fully scalable platform which can be used for ecommerce website development. This is great when you are expanding, you would certainly need dedicated servers for better efficiency of your website. Magento also allows you to customize your store as you wish. With theme structural designs, you can have you store the way to want it to be. With complete control over the codes, you will be able to modify any feature you like. While there are more reasons why ecommerce website development provider would choose to go with Magento, it’s better to look at the other side too. No harm in knowing the cons part. Let’s peep into it –

Costly Talent Hire
Magento community edition may be free. However, Magento developers come at a very good price. Reason being, comprehending the complexities of Magento is a challenging task for novices and hence if you must, you need to look at only skilled developers for your ecommerce website development. And this would cost you quite a handsome amount.

Higher Investment on Enterprise Version
Unless the online store is your core business, going for an enterprise version may not make sense for your business. That’s because it’s quiet and investment which starts at $14420 annually.

Hosting Charges
Most Magento ecommerce development companies would advise you to go for dedicated servers for your online stores as Magento is a very large system. Having a shared server may lead to reduced speed and efficiency of your website.

High Time Investment in Customization
Magento website development is time consuming. Magento is fantastic when it comes to customization. However, as compared to other platforms, it takes longer time to build the functionality.

All in all, Magento ecommerce platform remains a great choice for business that intends to sell online. With great functionality and features and high scalability, it is a lucrative option in the long run.


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