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What is Responsive Web Design & Why Does My Site Need it?


With online presence becoming a near mandatory requirement for any business, it is important for companies to get their websites designed in the best possible manner. Just having well designed and content rich sites will not be enough. You need a website that is user friendly and easily accessible by all types of web users. Responsive web design ensures website viewers can browse a website- regardless of the device they use- minus usage and compatibility issues. With growth of mobile web access, it has become more important for any company to resort to responsive web design. Professional web design services offer such packages for their clients nowadays.

Tremendous growth of mobile devices for web access

For a company, having responsive design for its website is vital because the majority of viewers could be using mobile devices. These devices are of varying types and sizes. So, without responsive web design deployed, you could risk losing out a major chunk of target buyers. The website should render seamlessly across such devices and different web browsers. For your website to be designed like that, services of the Best web Design Company is prerequisite.

Social media integration is a boon

Nowadays, the majority of people using the web resort to social media for shopping and many other needs. They also use their mobile devices more than desktop or laptops to access social media sites, as it is. So, integrating social media services into your website and deploying responsive web design paves the way to get more visitors and prospective buyers.

SEO ranking improves with responsive design

Every business with online presence aspires to be on top of Google search results. This is possible when your business website gets high SEO ranking. While there are many strategies for boosting SEO ranking of your website, having responsive design is deemed as an effective tactics. Since responsive websites tend to offer superior user experience and they have single URL, they get better search engine ranking eventually.

One site simpler to manage

As a business owner, you need to maintain your website and keep updating it with fresh and relevant content periodically. Imagine a situation when you have to deal with one site as opposed to managing two separate sites. Earlier, having a desktop and a mobile version of same website was necessary. However, with aid of top Website Redesign Services it is now possible to have only one website for your company that can be accessed by users with different web access devices minus glitches. It will help reduce your workload in the long run.

Better user experience leading to user retention and repeat purchase

When your company website has responsive design- it is convenient for the end users. Since images and media content adapt to device screen size across browsers, they spend less time in resizing content and zooming images etc. When your site visitors get enhanced ease of usage, they feel happy and this makes them visit it in future too. This is beneficial in terms of revenue growth.


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