8 Ways Any Business Can Gain Massive Social Media Followers In 2017

8 Ways Any Business Can Gain Massive Social Media Followers In 2017

There is no longer a choice on whether to do social media, but it is now a question of how well we do it. The ultimate aim of creating a strong social presence is to generate more business.  However, that requires building a strong community of followers across social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and others, which may eventually turn into potential leads.

While paid reach can create a temporary following from irrelevant profiles, focusing on creating organic reach results in a quality social following that is likely to engage over the long term with frequent likes, shares, and clicks on your posts. Agencies providing professional SMO services can help you here.

Here’s how to can gain massive social media followers online

1) Be socially
Creating a presence across top social media platforms lets you connect with a broader audience. You need to prioritize social networks to manage them effectively. The focus should remain on the platforms where the target buyer is spending more time. Agencies today provide tailored SMO services to run effective campaigns across social platforms

2) Promote your social bio
Creating an impactful bio is not enough. Promote your social presence on your blog, website, online forums, print, email campaigns, and more. You can even add follow button to your website. The cross-promotion also informs your social followers about other social platforms you are present on.

3) Create quality and shareable content
Engaging content is king. One needs to balance between the postings on educational content and promotional content. The educational content drives traffic as the audience wants to learn more. Post a variety of engaging content to gain a following by retweeting and sharing. As a rule only about a fifth of the content should be promotional to maintain a strong following online.

4) Use quality images and videos
Using compelling, high-resolution images and videos is the best to grab someone’s attention among the online clutter. Videos are also more effective in creating reach due to their visual appeal. Agencies providing social media optimization services in Mumbai can deliver high-impact videos to drive online engagement.

5) Engage on various social platforms
Engagement is key to building more following online. While it is time-consuming, constant interaction is most effective in getting new followers. Ask questions, participate in relevant forum discussions and interact with related brands and communities to create more ‘Me-value’.

6) Follow and connect with fellow peers online
Online platforms allow you to engage with social influencers with a direct link to your target audience. Forums like Twitter also give suggestions on whom to follow. LinkedIn groups can let you directly connect with influencers online.

7) Increase and maintain a consistent frequency
The more the frequency of posts, the more followers you will have. This is proved by a study undertaken by a social media analytics company on 36 million Twitter accounts and 28 billion Facebook accounts.

8) Hire a social media management expert
Active management of social media accounts involves more than posting updates. You need someone who can track and analyze upcoming trends to create relevant content as well as establish connections with others online. Hiring a professional to provide holistic social media marketing services makes tremendous business sense compared to having someone do the job on a sideline.


Jitendra Raulo

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