Flexible and Agile Infrastructure

"Modernizing and equipping our teams with cutting-edge infrastructure is of the highest importance given the sort of data-rich, performance-driven, security-focused enterprise-grade solutions we provide."

We deliver the greatest outcomes to the customer within our top-notch, well-equipped, and highly secure IT infrastructure. Because of the flexibility of our infrastructure, we can expand our capacity and allocate more workers as needed to meet the demands of the projects. Our infrastructure includes elements such as reliable communication capabilities, power backup, constant high-speed internet access, data backups, and enhanced cloud architecture.

Modern and secure technologies are used to protect important data and information. Data loss recovery is ensured by our strong backup mechanisms. To provide our clients with the greatest service and solutions, we use the best hardware and software.

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Security & Surveillance

  • High Definition CCTV Surveillance
  • Biometric Access control
  • Certified Security Personnel
  • Disaster recovery provision
  • Advanced software for monitoring servers
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Our Ambience

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Our Office

3000 sqft



  • Over 3000 Sq. Ft of state-of-the-art development center
  • Currently housing team of 35+ AARAVians
  • Expandable capacity of 55+ employe
  • Open seating for cross team collaboration
  • 24x7 Power through Torrent (private electric provider)
  • 250 Sq. Ft of recreation and gaming area
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