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Reliable Website Maintenance Company in Mumbai

Keep Your Website Running Smoothly

Our dedicated team ensures that your website remains in optimal condition, with regular updates, security checks, and performance optimization. Leave the technicalities to us while you focus on growing your business. Trust us to keep your website running smoothly and efficiently.

For More Secure, Fast, and Updated Sites Avail of Our

Website Maintenance Packages and Services

We understand that businesses need a website, with up-to-date content and maintenance to stay in business and grow. Our website maintenance packages are designed to provide the absolute best support, along with secure and up-to-date backups.

Provides Peace of Mind

We provide peace of mind through our software updates, regular maintenance, and a full backup system that allows us to roll back to a previous version if anything goes wrong. Our team of experts is available to help you at any time and give you the best possible support.

Best Performing Websites

Our website maintenance packages are designed for you to get the most out of your current site and help it perform at its best. Our aim is to keep your website live 99.99% of the time, optimized for speed and performance, so that you can worry less about your web presence and focus on what matters most — your business.


Our maintenance packages are designed to keep your website up-to-date, safe, and secure. Don't let your site get dated! Keep your business looking professional with some regular updates and new content. We will design up-to-date, eye-catching graphics and add them to your website.

Increase Traffic and Boost Ranking

Website maintenance packages include traffic and ranking boosts. We'll fix broken links, get your site into the search console, and make sure the website is working smoothly. Boost the rating of your website thanks to our maintenance packages.

More Secure Website

The more secure website maintenance package provides several routine tasks that are essential to keeping your website safe and clean. It includes cleaning out the logs and database, removing duplicate data from pages, checking for malicious logins and file changes, scanning for viruses & malware and automated security scan.

Emergency Fix

Protect your website against hackers, spammers, and other malicious attacks with our maintenance packages. We are constantly monitoring your site and apply fixes as soon as issues arise. Make sure your website stays online and protected with a set of optimizations and security features included in our maintenance plans.

Optimized for Mobiles and Browsers

Fix alignment issues and achieve a faster website with our maintenance packages. We'll make sure your site is optimized for mobiles and browsers, so it loads quickly, regardless of what device your customer is using. Our maintenance packages are perfect for businesses who just want their website to look nice, and be responsive.

Higher Conversion

Get a custom conversion consultation tailored to your website, traffic, and products. We offer simple affordable packages for all kinds of businesses that have proven results. Our valuable tips and advice to increase your business’ website conversion rates.

Clarity of Deliverability

We will also provide: Monthly website maintenance reports and higher peace of mind that your website is optimized, secure, and meeting its potential. We’ll review a monthly report of your website performance and offer recommendations on how to increase visibility and ROI.

The Most Customized and Comprehensive

Website Maintenance Packages

Choose the best plan for your business now!

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

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Get your money back!

The quality of our work is always at the highest level, which is why we are confident in the services we offer as uniquely beneficial for your website. However, our clients have the right to end their subscription to our services at any time. We offer a 100% No Questions Asked refund for our Maintenance Services during the first month of business. For monthly subscriptions, the Money Back Period is 14 Days.

Money Back Guarantee 100%
Unlimited Technical Support UNLIMITED
Systemized Website Maintenance Program SYSTEMIZED
Industry Expertise 12+
Taking 100% Care of Your Website

Lets take your website performance to next level

From this...

To this...

  • From...Feeling Helpless
    To... Hand-Hold Support
  • From... Slow for visitors to load and browse
    To... Blazingly-fast WordPress website
  • From... Multiple security breaches and warnings
    To... Fully secured, monitored, and backed up website
  • From... Missing performance upgrades and features
    To... Theme, plugins, and core software are always updated
  • From... Declining website traffic
    To... Month-on-month website improvements
  • From... Unresponsive and buggy website
    To... Mobile-friendly and optimized website
  • From... Inexperienced WordPress developers
    To... Expert WordPress development assistance
  • From... Missing Domain & SSL Certificate Renewal
    To... Always Active and Renewed
  • From... Missed to take regularly updated backup
    To... Always have a Safe and Recoverable Backup

Want this peace of mind for one of your business's most important assets?

Our Maintenance Service Applicable to

Wide Range of Platforms and Technologies

To ensure that you receive the most reliable maintenance solution, we offer services on the most widely used website platforms and technologies. These are some of the most popular website platforms we provide website maintenance service to.

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  • Xseed Education
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