Do you know about these important aspects for improving an ecommerce website?

Do you know about these important aspects for improving an ecommerce website

With the rising number of online businesses, just building a website isn’t good enough for your business. That’s why website development service providers are offering site enhancements to fix challenges faced by your online target audience while interacting with your online store.

Here are six important aspects to improve your e-commerce site to meet your business goals:           

1 . Search Bar: You may have added a search bar on your website for users to find information about your business. If you have a huge product inventory, your basic search feature may give generic results instead of precise results. Optimizing the search bar for your e-commerce website can help your customers to search for specific products quickly. This is important because if they don’t get what they are searching for, your users may move on to competitor sites.

An e-commerce website development services company can create a faceted search functionality for your online store. With the help of this functionality, users can filter products and find the precise products in your store. This way, your conversions will improve with an enhanced search feature.

  1. Store Locator: Are you an online business with a brick-and-mortar store? If so, give your potential customers extra assistance by adding a store locator feature on your website. An e-commerce website services company can create a detailed store locator feature with a dynamic map for online users to locate the offline store more easily.

With the technical expertise of an e-commerce development service provider, you can allow your mobile site used to get directions to reach your offline store through GPS. A site link can open the directions for your store in a third-party map application on your user’s phone or tablet. Added convenience will encourage users to visit your offline store and thus, push your sales.

  1. Checkout Process: One of the most annoying experiences for customers is waiting in a queue for following too many steps to complete a purchase. A longer checkout process can also lead to cart abandonment by online shoppers. Prevent these cart abandonment by simplifying your checkout process and offering one-click checkout options. An experienced website development services company can develop a user-friendly checkout functionality for your e-commerce business.
  2. Live chat:

Provide 24/7 support to your online shoppers with the Live chat feature. Add a link to an online survey at the end of each chat to gather feedback on your customer services.

5 . Payment gateways: Ask your website development service provider to add the payment gateway integration for your site. Your customers will find it convenient to get multiple payment options when they checkout. If your business delivers products to shoppers in multiple countries, you’ll be able to offer shoppers the convenience of paying in their own currency.

6 . Shopping cart: At a supermarket, the customer moves along with the shopping trolley. It allows the customer to view the items in their trolley and add/remove items as they move along the shopping aisle. Similarly, allow your shoppers to view the items they have added to their online shopping cart.

If they are browsing a product on a product page, give a clearly visible option to directly view products present in their cart with a single click. The shopping cart should clearly display all the items with the final price and description of the specifics.

A thumbnail of the item will help the shopper to view the item without going again to the product page for each item. Utilize the expertise of e-commerce website services to design and develop a shopping cart that boosts your customer shopping experience.

There are many other website enhancements that you can achieve with the support of an excellent website development services team. For website services, you can approach the experts at Aarav Infotech to enjoy better conversions along with improved customer happiness.

Are your customers leaving the cart and completing the purchase? Have you considered site enhancements to push your online sales?


Jitendra Raulo

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