How Google Workspace is useful for your business?

How Google Workspace is useful for your business

Google Workspace (formerly known as GSuite) is a boon for Google lovers and businesses who crave more beyond the limitations of free services. Several businesses across the world are already utilizing Gmail and other Google services. But G-suite empowers businesses with enhanced capabilities to enhance their business operations.

Google Workspace has made it extremely easier for people to conduct business. Earlier, flash drives or other physical data storage devices were used to copy and move files. Businesses were affected when files were lost in email or someone failed to update the files of a project.

Today, seamlessly syncing across devices and the useful features of G-suite make it easier for teams to work on projects easily. For projects, team members can access the project files at any time and updates take place in real-time with the help of internet connectivity.

Flexible features for diverse business needs

Google for work is designed for businesses of all kinds. For companies where users may change frequently, flexible monthly plans can be more economical than annual service plans. G suite primarily comes in three plans i.e. individual, business, and enterprise editions.

Essential storage, collaboration, and document management tools are available with all service plans of Google apps for work. Business and enterprise plans come with unlimited storage, advanced security features, and more.

G-suite users can access their files and utilize the services through user-friendly apps. It is also possible to access your files offline. The administrative controls give admins the freedom to control and restrict access to the various user accounts. This ensures that important files cannot be accessed or modified by users who do not have the authority to do so.

G-suite is useful for businesses in the following ways:

  • Ample Cloud Storage Space

While using free Google services, there will come a time when you start getting messages to free up space. You can begin with the G-suite basic plan comes with a cloud storage offering of 30GB.

G-suite business and enterprise plans come with cloud storage of as much as 1TB of data per user which is quite sufficient for small businesses with up to 5 users. Unlimited storage is available for bigger organizations with more than 5 user accounts.

  • More than Mail

As a free user, you already know about the features of Gmail. With Google Workspace Solution for Businesses, you can personalize your Gmail and utilize branding features. Apart from enhanced email services, company branding will add to your efforts for making employees feel one with your brand.

  • Collaborate

Your business may have several projects running in parallel and managed by internal and external teams. To collaborate effectively with all the teams, use Google Sheets, Google Hangouts, Google Meetings, etc. With Google for work, multiple users can contribute to a project from different locations through shared editing and be on the same page when it comes to project status.

  • Search your company files

Imagine a Google search just for your company files. Google Cloud Search comes with Google apps for work and gives you the ability to search files stored in G-suite by all your users. Your data is easily searchable quickly, anytime, anywhere.

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