Keep Your WordPress Website Secure in 2019

The inception of WordPress has revolutionized the realm of content management. From the simplest blog creation and website building to intricate portals and websites, almost everything can be managed with the swift application and assistance of WordPress. However, popularity has its own rewards and challenges.

Being the most prevalent website publishing channel, WordPress attracts security challenges as well. No wonder WordPress maintenance plays a crucial role in keeping the website threat free! In this article, we will discuss the imperative steps by following which you can ensure WordPress security in 2019.

  1. Change Default Username

Firstly, you are required to alter the default username. Knowledge of this name is known to every individual and chances are that a combination of frail password and default username will make WordPress susceptible to cyber threats. You can resort to a plugin and its username change for a convenient default username change.

  1. Strong password implementation

Sounds commonsensical, but a strong password strategy is a key to secure WordPress. A complicated conglomeration of numbers, letters, special characters, and symbols is almost always undecipherable thereby keeping security challenges at bay.

  1. Daily backups

One must ensure daily backups to prevent any mishap that can pose a security threat to WordPress. In case your files get missing or site is attacked, a backed up version will come to your rescue instantaneously. You will not have to start from the zero instead proceed from the point where you halted. Keep WordPress website maintenance handy to troubleshoot security related perils.

  1. Logging out of idle users

After sharing the access of your WordPress site with some users, you will notice many of them will leave the site open unintentionally or intentionally.  It is like sending a request to the hacker to come and hack all the necessary options. If you even find such users just log out them so that they won’t be able to access your site again.

  1. Protect wp-admin with password

The wp-admin constitutes a repository of functions conducted by an administrator. It is hence an innate component of the WordPress which facilitates connection with a primary database to execute imperative functions. This directory is very much open to malign attacks and therefore requires intense password protection.  The significance of admin password for overall website protection cannot be stressed enough.

  1. Upgrading is important

One can avert facing of a substantial number of issues by ensuring the upgrading of websites and WordPress is no exception. Updates help you troubleshoot bugs and the lacking thereof can pose threat to your website. Opt for a WordPress maintenance service that keeps you abreast of latest update alerts thereby empowering you to take full charge of your website safety.

  1. Mandatory requirement of SSL certification

If you are a newbie in the field of online business, you have to build a trusted connection with your online customers and you can do it with SSL. It is the abbreviation of Secure Socket Layer which ensures browser and server encryption to preclude any third party intrusion into transmitted information. In order to deliver them with cent percent safety during purchases, installing an SSL certificate is an absolute essential.

  1. Authentication using two-factor

It doesn’t matter how you have secured your Password, there is always a chance to get it revealed by hackers. Two procedures are involved in this step which will not ask you to enter your password only to obtain the accessibility of the website.It will ask you to enter TOTP which is generated and sent to you via email, call, and SMS to log in securely.

  1. Utilizing the recognized source for WordPress themes and Plugins

WordPress theme and plugins are incredible to keep your website safe against insecure bots, brute-force attacks, and spam. Being a beginner you shouldn’t choose any free source for premium themes and plugins. It is so because these are the tricks to hack the website and corrupt all the data and information. Opting to choose the recognizable source for downloading and installing the themes and plugin is the ideal security solution.

  1. By limiting the attempts of login

One can easily secure the WordPress website by limiting the attempts can be made for login. By using the suitable software the hacker will continuously try to break through the passwords and usernames. So, a limited number of attempts can resist them successfully.

  1. Securing the wp-config.php

Alike a strong password, wp-config.php is also an integral one in keeping your WordPress website threat free. It is a completely different page where you can secretly store the information and important data without being unnoticed. Implementation of the password to that particular page will make your information and data 100% secured.

  1. Keep changing the login URL

Changing the login URL at a regular interval will make the hacking of your WordPress website an impossible task. You can make use of open source- Rename wp-login.php for changing so.

  1. Continuous change of wp_ Database Table Prefix

One of the most prime jobs of securing the WordPress website is to securing the database because it stores the information. Continuous change of WordPress Database Table Prefix will give you success in securing the data because the 12 default prefix names during installation are vulnerable.

  1. Carefully set the File Access Permission

The most reliable and ideal solution to prevent WordPress is the perfect File Access Permission. The accurate file permission is the website which is set up of 644 files in the 755 folders. It is a trick to confuse the hacker to unlock and steal confidential information.

  1. Opt the latest version

Beginners must pay attention to the version of WordPress as outdated is easy and more prone to get hacked. An upgraded version is coupled up with the latest feature which will keep the data safe and protected.

  1. Make a choice of Secured Hosting Service

Most websites get hacked due to using a vulnerable hosting platform. All your efforts will be in its place and position if you choose a more secure hosting service.

  1. Leash the version of WordPress

Showing the version number is easier for the hacker to make a malicious attack on the WordPress site. So, it is highly recommended to either remove or leash the number to keep your site unnoticed from the hackers.

  1. Username hiding in URL of Author Archive

Another measure that you can take to repulse attacks from WordPress is by concealing username in author archived URL. Usually, the WordPress displays your username openly to the viewers in this particular URL. What many are unaware of is that its unrestricted display can summon potential cyber attacks. Furthermore, one can single out trusted WordPress maintenance service for carrying out periodic security audits on the website.

  1. Protection hotlinking

Hotlinking refers to stealing the image to embed the image on the WordPress site. From that time, your website will serve as the server of that website. When you will try to remove the image then, it will get broken. So, you must block the hotlinking.

  1. Disable the file edit

After making the necessary edits, you must disable the File Edit. Otherwise, hackers can crash the website and hacks all the necessary information. This will not allow anybody to make any edits except you!

The digital world is both promissory and perilous. On following the tips shared in this article, you can certainly keep your WordPress threat free in 2019.


Jitendra Raulo

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