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The Effect of HTTPS on SEO

The Effect of HTTPS on SEO

SEO services are one of the most sought after services in the modern world of digitization and online money generation through online business and marketing. Most of the websites are always in search of effective ways by which they can climb the ladder and come amongst the top ten or twenty search made by Google. Google has its own criterions (around 200) which act as deciding factors for the SEO ranking of any page, content or website. In order to maintain affordable SEO services which are secured too, Google declared HTTPS as one of the criterion for deciding the SEO ranking.

What is HTTPS?
Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure basically refers to the protocol that ensures end to end encryption of the data shared by you. Internet is open to a point that any search done by you can be read by ant person or organization in the world. In order to prevent the chaos caused by it, Google declared to give priority to the websites which have shifted to HTTPS and are all the more secured for use. SEO services in India are expanding with a great speed. Not many of them have HTTPS status with them at present but looking at the trend, it will be one of the most important requirements of the website.

How HTTPS can help you and your website?

  • As per SEO India the first and foremost benefit of HTTPS is that it adds to the security of your website. Especially when the user have to use sensitive details like as of credit card, then this extra layer of security is assuring. It can be a very good means to develop trust with your client or convert a visitor into a client.
  • SSL certificate is the protocol of HTTPS. This SSL certificate secures the entire data between the server and the browser. It is so private and secured that in case of a hacker is able to intercept the data; he will never get the key to decrypt it.
  • SEO services India states that Google has started giving lot of importance to HTTPS. Though it is not the most important deciding factors for SEO but if all the other factors match between two web pages then it can definitely act as a tie breaker. More importance will be given to secured website over a website over a website which has unsecured data.
  • Security indicators by Google on any page may let a person enter or exit the page. Google will show symbols on the address bar indicating page is not secured, page is secured, some content on the website is not secured or lot of content on the website is not secured. Looking at the status of the website you can decide whether you want to use that website or not. Isn’t it better to keep yourself encrypted and secured in order to attract as many visitors as possible?
  • Many digital companies are coming up which offer HTTPS solution to the websites.

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