Web Design Trends that Will Dominate 2018

Web Design Trends that Will Dominate 2018

Designing a website is more like adding decorations to a company or a brand. The more the decoration and facility, the better the chances of making a positive impact on target customers. In fact, the website is considered the Numero Uno of a company and that is why people are spending thousands of bucks to get the perfect design done. However, it is important to go with the designing trend that is currently ongoing and when you opt for professional web design services, you need to check all the trends before getting the website designed. There are times when Website Redesign Services just about provide the required updates and edit the previous website. But, if you are looking into 2018, here are some of the trends in website design that are predicted to rule in the coming year:

  • Mobile first– People hardly have time to surf through a website on their desktop these days. Everything has become on the go and that is why developing a website that can be surfed easily on mobile is one of the things that you need to keep in mind. There are numerous minimalistic designs that would be suitable for the mobile version of the website.

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  • Typographies– Anything that is visually attractive can make a very good impression. Typography is effective in website designing and it is considered one of the best web design trends for 2018. You can expect more focus on the customization of fonts, using of large letters, and improving the UX to give a better effect

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  • Decorative details– The first look of a website tells a lot about the company. The cleaner a website, the more chances of including more decorations. Small icons and geometric shapes look best on websites.

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  • Videos and 3D effects– There has been a rising demand for videos in websites. Using short videos in the background and making the videos in a 3D format will be very engaging for the website.

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  • Integrated animations– Just like 3D effects and videos, animations can create a positive impact. Static images have become very common and using animations can improve the user experience to a great extent. There are various types of animations that can be added depending on the type of website that is being designed.

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  • Split screen design patterns– This is one of the designs that have had huge popularity this year and will surely be a growing trend in 2018. The best web design company will put more stress on split screens. This is because you can stack a lot more things in one design as compared to the previous designs where only one page was available.

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  • Color schemes – vibrant and contrasting colors can be very appealing to the eye. Using vibrant shades and supersaturation will only make your website look more colorful. So, before you finalize the design, do make sure that it looks really colorful. Depending on the brand, you can opt for the best colors that will suit the needs of the website.

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