Website Maintenance a Necessity or a Luxury!

Website maintenance is something that most companies have been putting on their strategy list as a last priority. For many companies, it’s not even on the list. Consider this! You buy a Lamborghini and expect it to serve you a luxury ride lifetime without having to spend a penny on it. Not possible, right? How do you expect your website to give your business a boost by just putting it up on the web?
Website is one of the vital business marketing tools and its maintenance is crucial to retain your customer interest and allure the new ones. Here’s why you must seriously consider engaging a website maintenance company for the upkeep of your website –

Search Engine Friendly
If you want your website to be liked by search engines, website maintenance is a must. If your website has not been updated for a while, Google may cease looking at it and it may lose ranking for important keywords.

Saving From Hacker Attacks
Whether you are using a CMS-based website (most preferred, of course!), or using software programming on your website, you must know that updating security patches for these is a must. This is something you mustn’t ignore, or else, your website may fall prey to the hands of hackers who thrive on websites that are not so secure.

Customer Interest
No matter how big or small your business is, customer retention is an important aspect. You don’t want customers to land on your webpage and find news or a blog that is dated 6 months back, do you? That’s exactly the reason you need to look at updating your website information on a regular basis. This will also help in creating a new customer base.

Fixing Broken Links
You may not realize this but for reasons unknown (sometimes), you may have internal or external broken links. It’s important to scan your website to scan for these and fix them. So, your visitors do not end up seeing error pages.

Content Quality
Checking and rechecking content quality is a part of website maintenance. Companies that offer website maintenance services advise you to create content that is free of plagiarism. Which means, no duplicate content. Use the right keywords effectively. Another aspect to look into is spelling mistakes. Yes! This is most of the time, ignored. How would you feel about visiting your potential vendor’s website and reading the content which has grammatical errors or spelling mistakes?! Not a good impression, right? That’s what you should be worried about too.
Website maintenance is not a luxury investment but a necessity. It would be a wise business decision to include it in your marketing budget. Website maintenance costs charged by service providers are usually annual and pretty reasonable. It’s a nominal investment that will reap good returns.


Jitendra Raulo

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