SEO Case Study for Khajur

SEO Case Study for Khajur
Business Goal
  • Acquire competitive rankings in targeted, relevant markets.
  • Increase brand awareness in a fragmented and competitive landscape.
  • Increase campaign efficiency while growing overall campaign results.
  • They were at the very bottom for the keywords related to their industries.
  • Their website was not SEO optimized.
  • Website crawling issues and slow-load time hindered their ranking.
  • We started by identifying keywords and assigning the keywords to specific pages on the site.
  • We added new category pages to the websites to target keywords like Buy Khajur Online, Buy Fresh Dates in India, etc.
  • The titles and descriptions of all the pages were written as per keywords researched and relevance to the page being optimized.
  • The greatest help came from our link-building team - adding high-quality inbound links every month.
  • Before our SEO services, the website wasn't ranked for the most popular keywords so new potential customers weren't exposed to this company. 
  • We started seeing the first page results after a month had passed since we uploaded the website. They have also achieved top rankings for keywords such as "Best quality Khajur", "Buy Fresh Dates in India", "Buy Khajur Online", etc.
  • The client is very happy with the results. They have seen a boost in traffic to the site as well as sales.
# Keyword Position Ranked On Search Engine
1 Best quality Khajur 1 1st Page
2 Best quality Khajur 1 1st Page
3 Buy Best Premium Quality UAE Dates 200 Grams 1 1st Page
4 Buy Best Tunisian Dates Luxury Collection Online in India 1 1st Page
5 Buy Fresh Dates in India 5 1st Page
6 Buy Khajur Online. 1 1st Page
7 Buy Online Zahdi Seeded Dates Pouch 1 1st Page
8 Buy Zahdi Dates 1 1st Page
9 Gift collections in Premium Quality Dates 2 1st Page
10 Iraqi Dates in India 1 1st Page
11 Online Dates Order India 2 1st Page
12 Order Dates Online in India 1 1st Page
13 Purchase Quality Iraq Dates Online 1 1st Page
14 Saudi Arabian Dates Online in India 1 1st Page
15 Supreme Quality Ajwa Dates Online in India 1 1st Page
16 Best Dates in India 4 1st Page
17 Best Quality Khajur 1 1st Page
18 Buy Dates in Online 3 1st Page
19 Buy Dates Online 3 1st Page
20 Buy Dubai Dates online 2 1st Page
21 Buy Falcon Dates Online 1 1st Page
22 Dates online India 1 1st Page
23 Dates Supplier in India 9 1st Page
24 Dates to buy online 3 1st Page
25 Online luxury dates store india 1 1st Page

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